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Product is starting to arrive

Posted on 7 December, 2013 at 17:28 Comments comments (291)
First, just wanted to share that we had our first Life Scrapbooking class this week and it was FANTASTIC!!!
Seemed like everyone had a great time and ready to get going with the new year and come back to work on their albums... Like music to my ears
Just wanted to share with you that echo park paper co. and a selection of Becky Higgins Project Life products have arrived. 
Trying as fast as we can to get everything added to the website. But in the meantime, if you would like to purchase anything you can email us to order and we will have to send an invoice through PayPal until we get everything set up where you can purchase right there. 
If you are local, you can come visit us and see the studio where classes and workshops are held and all the other great stuff we haven't posted yet. Just contact us for available times.
Much more to come....
Wishing you all a Magical Holiday Season
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Posted on 23 November, 2013 at 17:57 Comments comments (66)
Starting this blog has been on my mind for almost 2 years now.
I know a little ridiculous.
Most of the reason is, I don't think I have the greatest writing skills. I was never really good at writing so, I think that has been holding me back. Don't laugh, you probably just found a few grammar errors but don't tell me... Seriously, don't tell me because I will be embarrassed and that will be the end.
I decided to just jump in and get over my fears. New Years Resolution #1 (I'm Starting a little early) I have this mental list every year and never really get anywhere with it so maybe starting early will help.
For those that know me, know I am very passionate about my scrapbooking and paper crafting. Well, crafting in general. In fact, I have a large room dedicated to just that. (I will post some photos soon. It needs to be cleaned up LOL) This is my happy place!
Besides being with my BOYS! I have 3 well 4 if you include the cat.
My husband Don (Donnie to most. He tries Don but it just doesn't work) Then there is Michael 13 (baseball loving son who constantly breaks parts of his upper body. We just got cast #5 off this week)and Cameron 11(he is my builder, Mind Craft loving, creative kid).
Mind you they are both already taller than me. Which makes me really sad that they grow up so fast. In this case, literally.  Oh yeah, and Happy, my sometimes grouchy cat. Full name is Happy Hour, named after the Nascar racing term for practice, not for drinking people, come on! Yes, we went though a hard core race fan period. We had a yellow lab for a short period that we named Winston when it use to be the Winston Cup Races. Still love the sport just backed off from the honorary names
I have been scrapbooking/memory keeping since 1984 (Sad I had to take them apart because of all the acid, still have all the stuff though. Future project) I love getting together with friends, other scrapbookers and crafters to share ideas. And I truly enjoy sharing and teaching , whatever you want to call it, all of it.
We have an standing Friday night at my house with 4 of us, sometimes more. We all have something different to bring to the table but a brief note about them for now. Shammy, I have known since high school, probably 1987, but have had a true friendship with her for about 13 years. She has girls about the same ages as my boys. Heather, yes another Heather, OMG its been a long time, somewhere in the 90's. Our sisters were friends and we just managed to keep in touch, love her. And there is Kristy. This is really a meant to be friendship. She found me on the internet. I know...She was moving up to Ramona and needed a new Creative Memories consultant to crop with (another story later). That was 2001. Honestly, she has introduced me to quite a few of my favorite things as of today. Starbucks, I had no idea (thanks for that addiction), Fly Lady (keeping your house organized, not your scrapbook room haha), and now Project Life.
I have fallen in love with Project Life...
I have been a fan of Becky Higgins for years. She is brilliant!!! I have all he Sketches books and the Creating Keepsakes Magazine with her first publication. And now she has birthed this idea of Project Life. Life Scrapbooking...ahhh... So easy, So simply and I LOVE IT!!!
So much, I really want to share it with everyone...
Hence the blog, hence the change of my website which has not gone anywhere in the last year and a half. It turned into just a gallery. But now, I am currently working with companies to get products and teach classes to share with you. it is still a work in progress until I get the product in stock.
I look forward to sharing with you and getting you know you.
Thank you for stopping by
I am so excited for the new year! I am not sure exactly why, I just have this feeling...
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